Painted Lies

You say you have

no imagination

but yet,

that can’t be true.


For every day

you search for ways

to prove

I should be more like you.


Your advertising is flawless

with glossy, runway style

I’d be remiss to ignore

your photos in the magazine aisle.


Follow us, you’ll be happy

said with subtly stenciled grin

fast cars, dollars, fancy clothes

don’t you want to fit in?


As I glance in the mirror

I might not always love what I see

but I’m smart enough to realize

the lies you are selling to me.


For fast cars, dollars, fancy clothes

may fulfill you for a spell

true value lies within the heart

it’s not something you can sell.


Too busy chasing fanatasies

where everything has a price

but you often end up empty-handed

perhaps you need a little advice.


Feel content with who you are

and never second-guess

you don’t have to be a star

to feel you’ve had success.


Your feeling heart, for all you are

inside, may not be shown

but everything inside of you

is worth more than what you own.


Your heart sings the sweetest melodies

and your lips are filled with prose

your beauty goes much deeper still

when you feel confident, it shows.


So listen not to all they say

for painted lies aren’t true

show the world what’s in your heart

don’t follow – just be you.


SJ, 2014




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