Red Sock, Blue Sock, Sandal, Shoe . . .

Red socks, blue socks

Sandals, shoe

I don’t know

What I should do.


Getting dressed

Is such a chore

But mom’s real busy

Washing floors.


I guess I’ll go

Get myself dressed

So I can look

My very best.


My pirate’s hat

With feathers, red

Will look real swell

Upon my head.


So red socks

I’ll wear on my feet

I think that they

Will look real neat.


But wait, what’s that

. . . on my floor

I must think

A little more.


My princess dress

In sparkling blue

So, I’ll have to wear

one blue sock too.


Oh, no . . .

Look over there

Sitting on

My favorite chair.


My yellow boa

Will look real nice

A bit too long,

I’ll wrap it twice.


My brothers ski gloves

That’s the trick!

With my outfit

They’ll look real slick.


But wait, let’s get

His hockey mask

He won’t mind

No need to ask.


No summer outfit

Would be complete

Without flippers

upon my feet.


So now I’m ready

To go and play

I’ll grab mother’s purse

It should be okay.


I’ll fill her bag

With lots of stuff.

I’ll fill it till

I’ve got enough.


Filled with items

In my size

In case I need

To accessorize.


Before I go

Walk out the door

I need to bring

One thing more.


My dad’s umbrella

In case of rain

As I walk

It will be my cane.


So now I’m standing

At the door,

But there’s one thing

I can’t ignore.


It seems a blizzard

Has filled the ground

Should I go back,

Just turn around?


But mom is coming

I can hear

She can’t see me

But she is near.


So through the door

Outside I run

I run before

She stops my fun.


I quickly run

Into the snow

Not worrying

Just where to go.


My mother is chasing

In slippered feet

She chases me down

The snowy street.


With slippered feet

And me in tow

She trudges back home

Through the snow.


SJ, 2014


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