There’s Mosters!


There’s monsters in my closet,

And underneath my bed.

Momma doesn’t understand

Why nighttime’s filled with dread.

I lay and clutch my pillow,

In blanket wrapped up tight.

For fear a hand or sharpened claw

Will grab me in the night.

Dad says, “Now, don’t be silly.”

In eyes pried shut by sleep.

“Monsters hate a messy room

And yours is piled deep.”

“For all your dirty underwear

And socks beneath your bed

If any monster’s under there

It surely would have fled.”

“And what about the cars and toys

You scatter on the floor?

All it takes – one injured paw

They’d rush right out the door.”

I know it may sound silly

But it sure made sense to me

I finally tossed and turned no more

Those monsters let me be.

And as I closed my eyes to sleep

I couldn’t help but grin

The cleanest room I’ve ever seen

Is the one my sister’s in.

S.J. 2015


4 thoughts on “There’s Mosters!

  1. I enjoyed this, especially the last line. You describe my two daughters perfect. The younger one goes to her older sister to get away from the mess she created. 🙂


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