What Kind of Love is This?



What kind of love – is this?

Passion knows not what is missed

An ache . . . a flame . . . a burning ember . . .

My heart lays beating in your fist.


A gentle kiss upon the cheek

And hand in hand we walk as one

I’m so glad that you found me

Without you – I’m undone.


My hopes and dreams evade me

In time they’ll pass me by

Yet every gift that’s taken

Is one I gladly buy.


So love me yet – still softly

And whisper, do not roar

Find value in words yet spoken

And find them not a bore.
Hold my heart yet gently

I know you can’t yet see . . .

A mother’s love cannot be spoken

Till a mother, you shall be.
SJ, 2015

Whose voice may be silent at times – but never still.


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