Lessons of a Middle Child


My older sister’s 13
My younger brother’s 3
I’m stuck somewhere in between
It’s just not fair to me.

I’m just too young to stay up late
And watch fun, scary shows
My sister brags and brags and brags
To show all that she knows.

For being older is special
But that’s something I won’t be
My sister’s already gotten
What can’t be given to me.

Too old to sit in a stroller
When shopping tires me out
Too old to play with brother’s toys
It makes me want to shout!

My younger brother is lucky
For all he does is play
While I’m stuck cleaning his messes
Every night and day.

See, being younger is special
But that was stolen from me
My younger brother has taken
What once was given to me.

So I’m still stuck in the middle
But I guess I’ll be okay
Perhaps I should just think of it
In a different way.

My older sister looks out for me.
She wants to help me grow.
My brother thinks that I’m so great
There’s nothing I don’t know.

So being middle’s not so bad
As they have let me see
Together, we make quite a team
And no one shines like me!

For my middle child
Who knows all to well what it is like.

(C) SJ – 2015


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