APED – Prompt 10: Open Your Eyes


This poem was written for A Prompt Each Day, a daily dose of inspiration. Considering I have been completely dry with ideas lately – I am grateful to have learned about this blog today!  We are to use a  minimum of three words from the set of ten above to write a story or a poem.  I was able to use all ten.

Here is my attempt:

* Open Your Eyes *


Tears fell quick from the heavens
An endless barrage of drop – drop – drop upon my window
It settled me, somehow, and made me feel content
The rain, swept in the arms of the wind
Curved mid-flight and fell quietly to the ground
Light flashed across the sky to show the storm’s discontent
. . . ripping from the grasp of dark clouds that gathered
There’s something beautiful about a storm, no matter how wicked
Destruction and damage left uncaringly in its wake
Yet at the same time – there is growth and life
Fields of green sup from its tears
And true beauty wakes in its demise
A blessing – rain – no matter how overlooked
Yet we trudge through its presence
Umbrella held in ungrateful grasp
Cursing the weather – and all its blessings forgotten
Alas, we never hear the secret whisper of the wind
Or the rustle of leaves held in its grip
We are deaf, dumb, and blind to all it has to offer
Trapped within the four walls that surround us
And tripping through life with electronic gadgets held in tight grasp
For now, it defines us – overtakes us – blinds us
It makes us numb to all that is real and true
There’s a whole world around us – waiting to be explored
Yet, we will not take notes on the beauty of its simplicity
We will not ever capture its beauty in rhythm or rhyme
There is no secret ferry that delivers us to the truth
There is no magic pill that makes us truly see
Just put that gadget away for a while
Just leave those four walls behind
We must learn to take a chance
To feel – to live – to see.

(C) S. J. 2015


9 thoughts on “APED – Prompt 10: Open Your Eyes

  1. Using all the ten word you have woven a beautiful ode to the rains. A blessing that we fail to see and only crib about the destruction and filth. Life encompasses everything.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So true. The poem seemed to write itself this time. I started thinking about the rain because we started having thunder at the time I sat down to write. I love the rain. Thanks do very much for stopping by and your kind words!


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