Who’s the Monster?



Who’s the Monster?


Creeping, oh so softly

With sneaky, twisted grin

A monster came inside my room

I saw him coming in.


His deep red eyes glanced about

To see where I may lay

His mealy grin wide on his face

He thought that he would play.


But as he slowly sauntered in

His grin began to change

For I jumped out and greeted him

And he thought it was strange.


“Howdy!” I yelled happily

In hopes that we might play

His eyes grew wide, his grin erased

And then he ran away.


In my room, I stood confused

What scared that monster so?

Was it the sound of my voice?

I felt I had to know.


By my mirror, then I stood

I glanced at my reflection

Perhaps it was the way I looked,

Could that be the connection?


My clothes are normal bedtime wear

A stained and tattered shirt

My baggy shorts sagged to the floor

My knees were caked with dirt.


Dark circles glared beneath my eyes

My hair stood on my head

Forgot to brush my yellowed teeth

My eyes were tired and red.


I looked into the mirror still

And shared a toothless grin

Proof I had spaghetti dinner

were splashed on face and chin.


Dirt beneath my finger nails

My toe nails growing long

Nothing strange or out of place,

I wonder what was wrong.


As I climbed back into bed

There’s nothing I would change

The only thing I could conclude,

That monster sure was strange!


© S. J. 2015


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