My Heart Knows No Regrets . . .

I know when I am not genuinely being myself. It is rare because I hate to be fake (in every aspect of my life, but especially in my writing). I wear my heart upon my sleeve – and yes, it can get painful sometimes. People often take advantage or think that you are weak. Many times – people just don’t understand and wonder why you bother to care so deeply. For me, it doesn’t matter. In my life I choose to feel every emotion – to let it swell within me and fall upon the page. I make no excuses for being who I am. It is where I thankfully dwell.


I really wasn’t being fake anyway – but I actually chose to write when I just didn’t want to. It’s not writer’s block – it is more like writing when the wind doesn’t sing to you as it blows through the trees. I guess I need to learn that it’s okay to step away and wait for the words to come – they need not be forced. There’s blessing in that. So, to make up for it – I have decided to share an older poem I wrote for my husband a few years back. He is truly my everything.


My heart aches not for dreams once laid

Past endeavors – chances missed

Those memories do quickly fade

Within a heart filled with bliss.


All that’s ever passed before

Every moment I have seen

Brought me to your open door

Filled lonely heart with thoughts serene.


While others look back with remorse

You’ll find no such feelings in my heart

My love – my heart knows no regrets

Wish I had known you from the start.


© S. J. 2013


13 thoughts on “My Heart Knows No Regrets . . .

    • As long as a writer writes, I don’t think the word “fake” comes into the picture. You attempted something different, and it turned out less impressive than your usual charming style 🙂 That’s all.

      It’s not at all necessary that you have to write for every prompt 🙂 Write for what sings to you, what inspires you. Even I am doing that. I don’t always prompt what inspires me, but I know it’ll inspire someone out there.

      Glad that you are writing for A P E D. 🙂

      As for this poem, I agree with what has been said before. You are lucky to have a best friend in your husband, and he in you. May you both continue to be so blessed. :mrgreen:


  1. How lovely, you are a lucky woman to have a man you love so… there is nothing better, maybe I’ll find that someday… the very best to you! and I know what you mean by writing when it just doesn’t feel right…. hard to do sometimes…

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      • Thank you, I hope I find it too. I love the man I am with now, but he doesn’t feel the same so it is hard… but I will stay hopeful. 😉

        Note from me: I understand. My mom had that problem with my dad. Hopefully he will realize what he has before its too late. We all need to be swept off our feet – even if we’ve been married a long time. It makes all the difference in the world. I have hope for you.

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  2. Very lovely poem. 🙂 Although I write fiction on my site, my favourite pieces are those which contain enough grains of truth to ring true to me and others even when they’re not.

    Forcing yourself to write can be horrible. Had to do that during the third year of my Imaginative Writing university course to meet deadlines even though due to certain events I wasn’t really feeling it. The worst one was trying to write a comedy when I was feeling sad. Aargh. Personally I’d advise not writing if you just don’t feel like it rather than forcing it regardless but its up to you.

    Look forward to reading the next piece you write – once you feel like writing another one of course. 🙂

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      • Agree with you. Not planning on writing one every single day from the prompts. Almost didn’t write one from that ship picture as initially I wasn’t really feeling it. And today I almost didn’t write one because I knew it would be a sad one and wasn’t sure whether I should put more sadness into the world. We’ll see what the prompt is tomorrow.

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  3. I think we need to realize that to know true happiness we have to recognize that there is sadness too. We should not fear it . . . But we also shouldn’t dwell in it. I’m glad you shared them.


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