APED – Prompt 21: You’ll Not Have Power Over Me


This poem was written for A Prompt Each Day, a daily dose of inspiration.  For today’s prompt – we were given an assignment to find inspiration in another bloggers poem listing for the weekly prompts and write!  I thought it was going to be easier than it was – but I enjoyed working on it.  There were so many wonderful posts – short stories and poetry to be inspired by.  It was rather hard to choose.  I ended up using a poem posted by Dim Scribbles Diary that she wrote for Prompt 19, entitled “Candle-Stars.”  I’ve been following her blog – and prompts – for a while and I love how she sees the world.  In her, I find a kindred spirit.


I started out to write a poem about a similar experience as the one described in her poem.  Instead, the prompt took me in a different direction.  I’m not unhappy with the results at all.


Harsh words fall

From tongue that mocks

Tears at the flesh

Of young child’s heart.


You slashed my wounds

With leather belt

Assumed you

Taught obedience.


Yet you know not

What makes the heart

How roses thrive

Among the weeds.


While you came crashing

. . . tearing down

Others pulled me

From my knees.


I could sit and

Mourn what’s lacking

Write my tears

Across the page.


I choose to make

My own heart sing

Of your truths

I have no need.


Neglectful heart

That struck with anger

Your power sought

Won’t come from me.


© S. J. 2015



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