APED – Prompt 25: Heal the World


This poem was written for A Prompt Each Day, a daily dose of inspiration.  For today’s prompt – we were given a phrase (Heal the World) to inspire our writing.  This is where today’s prompt took me today.  I hope you like it.


We’ve grown

. . . matured

And knowledge gained

We’re our own women and men.


And yet

. . . somehow

We have unlearned

How to make this world whole again.


In past

. . . as children

We once played

And learned to love and share.


But now

. . . as adults

We strive to gain

With nothing left to spare.


It matters

. . . not

All that we have

Our desires we must fulfill.



While others

. . . starve

We choose to feed

And eat way past our fill.


While others

. . . need

We look away

And act like we don’t see.


Yet others

. . . suffer

And cry in pain

And we don’t hear their plea.


We say

. . . change

Is what we need

but there’s not time

there’s too much greed

and I can’t share

who shares with me?

And no one cares

Just let me be.


Desire to

. . . change

Is nothing new

Alive each day and age

But we can only heal the world

When we strive to BE that change.


© S. J. 2015











8 thoughts on “APED – Prompt 25: Heal the World

  1. The comparison between the childhood days of sharing and caring and the adulthood days of just fulfilling one’s own wishes is the highlight of the poem.The poem signs off on a positive note to change and adapt.

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