APED – Prompt 30: There’s No Beauty Here


Yes – I know I already wrote about the prompt.  I did not slip into a fit of amnesia!  For those who are new here – this poem was written for A Prompt Each Day, a daily dose of inspiration.  For yesterday’s prompt – we were given a beautiful quote by Helen Keller (above).


I guess sometimes things stick with me – as did this quote and its meaning.  I was just sitting around and all of a sudden this poem came to me.  I hope you don’t mind that I wrote twice for this prompt.  It is definitely a different take on the matter!  If you want to read my previous attempt at this prompt, please meander on over to How the Heart Interprets.  I hope you find this poem a worthwhile revisit of the prompt.


Hands on hips

You wonder why

Where’s all the beauty gone?


Thrown out as trash

there’s beauty here

yet everyone looks on.


A woman – with – no eyes to see

Yet songs of beauty she does speak

Spreads ‘cross the sky like setting sun

In song you falter – the words are weak.


And eyes you have – a better view

What beauty do they portray?

With empty eyes and empty heart

No beauty here – they look away.


A man whose words you cannot hear

With lips he cannot say

Yet his colors flow like poetry

While he paints a brand new day.


And lips – you have – perchance

to speak – to tell all who can hear

your words – a wasteland filled with trash

declare “no beauty here.”


A child – no legs to stand upon

No way to walk away

On fitted legs – he’ll chase the wind

he begs to run and play.


With two legs – you still stand tall

Yet where do those legs lead?

Do you fill the outstretched hand

Or ignore those souls in need?


Thankful not – for all you’re blessed

Beauty – you will never see

Fancy dressed – yet clothes you lack

For beauty is a reflection of thee.


© S. J. 2015






11 thoughts on “APED – Prompt 30: There’s No Beauty Here

    • I hate that sometimes people define others by what they don’t have without looking at what they do have. If they are deemed less. . . Or broken . . . They look right past them. We all have some value and you might be surprised to find beauty in the strangest of places.


      • As a woman living in low-income housing, getting by on Soc Sec Disability–which means my “wardrobe” and belongings are shabby (though clean), I know first hand how if feels to be looked down upon. That’s why the blogging world is more comfortable to me–people read beyond my brokenness and material poverty, to the riches within.

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        • I hear you – although it breaks my heart that anyone would see you any other way than I do. I know prejudice exists in all its forms and since a young age – I have always sided with the underdog. My daughter when she was a baby – could be playing happily and when she heard another person or child cry – she would cry with them. I guess she got her soft heart from me. I see beauty where others fear to look. I am never disappointed either. You are like a beautiful bird – caged by circumstance – but my . . . You have such a beautiful voice. Don’t let anyone ever stop you from singing – online or off. You have a lot of beauty to share. And I am personally glad to know you . . . And glad you have shared your song.


          • You are so lovely to say such “loving” things–thank you very much. I have a great appreciation today for how much I’ve learned in the “classroom” of my less than dreamy circumstances. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Pastor Joel Osteen–but his message tonight (TV) was about “not wasting our pain”, because at some point God will bring people into our lives who will benefit from hearing our stories. It was very affirming. And lest you start thinking I lean toward “saintly”–not so!! I used to be such a negative complainer, wore the victim role like a royal robe! I was miserable, and people avoided my company, understandably. But the day came when I realized I could choose my attitude, could choose to be grateful and look for blessings–reasons to be happy. It improved my life immensely–without changing my circumstances one iota. I was 59, yet I didn’t bemoan the wasted years, or beat myself up for being a slow-learner. I was just so grateful to get a chance to really LIVE, even if it turned out to be for only a year. Oh, I am SO blessed–God says it’s “never too late”, and He always has MORE for the heart which looks to Him! I’ll be 63 in Sept, and though I struggle just like everyone else, life is GOOD! God bless you BIG today!! love, Dell

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  1. Dell . . . Those are truly wise words. We’re never to old to learn – and often we are more open to learning the older we become (at least that’s the way I intend to be). Our outlook makes such a huge difference in how we live life – embrace our circumstances – and make the most of it. Lifes too short to focus on why not’s or I don’t have. Despite all that we are still blessed with so much . . as long as we are willing to look – the blessings then become evident.

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  2. Well S ..I loved the poem.specially for two reasons-one is the emotional content which is flawlessly presented and second being the simple spontaneous cascade of words.. Now provoking ,now soothing… Pleasure !

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