Behind the Waterfall

When we went to the Gardens last week, I spied a woman taking a picture in an unusual place. When I looked closer, I noticed that there was a hole cut out of the rock and you could see behind the waterfall there. It made such a wonderful image. I couldn’t help but follow suit.


When looking at the picture, I remembered the time that my husband and I hiked down to a waterfall and sat behind it. It was a beautiful sight. From there – I just imagined what it would be like to lie down behind a waterfall – the cool rocks – the mist – the peacefulness – what would it be like? I’m not sure – but I imagined this:


Behind the crystal waters

I’m softly lulled to sleep

Where I lay, the rock is smooth

The waters cool my feet.


In sleep, my dreams caress me

And waters sing their lullaby

Flash of colors illuminate

As rays of sunlight fill the sky.


And from my dreams, when I awake

I lie here lost in reverie

My life, when touched by nature’s bounty

Renews its vows of serenity.


© S. J. 2015




18 thoughts on “Behind the Waterfall

  1. Now, aside from this being a beautiful poem and photo, it’s just plain spooky! I only just finished a “waterfall” poem–on the “steamy” side, you might like it (will post maybe tomorrow).

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