APED – Prompt 32: But Love – He Did Not Know . . .


This poem was written for A Prompt Each Day, a daily dose of inspiration.  For today’s prompt – we were given a word (leaf) to inspire our writing.  When I first read the prompt – I had no idea what to write so I just tucked it away.  Then I read a great response to the prompt at Dim Scribbles Diary.  It was a new take on the concept “leaf” because I was just stuck on an actual leaf and was stumped.

Now – as I do not try to understand how I actually think (I get a headache just trying) – I somehow got inspired by her writing about leaf in a different way and all of a sudden I saw a leaf in its actual form.  Well – I won’t worry too much about how my heart or writing get inspired – I will just enjoy it as comes.

And yes – the above photo is mine.  It is from our trip to the Botanic Gardens last week.  I shared a different photo here.

For she was but a flower

And he – a brand new leaf

Their love did never last that long

It soon led her to grief.

She blossomed in her beauty

And he basked in her glow

Of true love he often spoke

But love he did not know.

She caught him with another

She wilted from the pain

Though others tried to woo her

She never loved again.

© S. J. 2015

And yes – it is the love story between a flower in a leaf.  For they love just as strongly as we – don’t they?  Doesn’t that flower look broken hearted – or is it just me?


9 thoughts on “APED – Prompt 32: But Love – He Did Not Know . . .

  1. Nope . . . Dell . . . It’s still there and I replied. I know what you mean though. My kids have some learning difficulties and it is hard especially because I’m their teacher but every moment spent to help them is a blessing. I wouldn’t want things any other way. For those who take care of special needs children . . . I think they truly have special hearts. The parents are blessed and a blessing at the same time . . . If done right. But it’s never easy.


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