Mistakes are Hard Forgotten . . .

This is a poem I wrote quite a while ago while writing to a picture prompt of a canoe on golden misty waters.  It first made me think of the plight of the American Indians – and how I wish their history was different.  The poem then took on a whole new meaning – because it truly means the history of any people who have been oppressed – up until today.


I had a lot of trouble trying to find a picture for the poem.  I could post an American-Indian – but that only captured one aspect of the poem.  I could post a picture from slavery – from the civil rights movement – from so many things – and yet it would only capture one aspect of the poem.  How many pictures could be posted just from current events?


I really wish we could live in a world – in a time – when we always strove to make sure we were trying to be the best people we could be.  It does not matter if we are the same – if we agree on everything – if we live in the same part of the world – if we look the same.  What should matter is that we are all human – and I think our purpose is not to see who has the most shiny things – to trash, burn, or break what others have worked hard to build.  It definitely is not to hate.  Our purpose should be to learn – to grow – and hopefully, to build something wonderful together.


Take me down the river – through golden, shimmering mist

Take me to the land you knew – a place that once did exist

Hold my hand yet gently – and guide me to the past

Perhaps we can make changes there – our roles shall be recast.

For mistakes are hard forgotten – and horrors hard to ignore

Perhaps we’ll learn to live in peace – upon these shimmering shores.

Domination has done nothing – but soiled our hearts at best

It’s ridiculed the weak and poor and created souls unrest.

If we learn to live together – change our mentality

The world would be a better place – let’s do that, you and me.


© S. J. 2013


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