Recognition: The Versatile Blogger Award

Last week was a bit busy – but I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Dee Dee at Rantzz of a Drama Queen.  I cannot thank her enough for thinking of me.  It took me quite by surprise.  I’m not sure how long I’ve been following her blog but it has truly been a pleasure.  From quote challenges to poetry – you can find it all there!  An excellent read.


What is the Versatile Blogger Award?

Its an award given in recognition for great commitment, diverse talents and generosity shown by a blogger. Its is a great motivation and celebration of their work in the Blogger’s world “Blogosphere”

I know you can’t tell – but I’m blushing.  Seriously!


1. Display it on your blog

2. Thank the person who nominated you. – Thank you, DeeDee

3. Share 7 Facts about yourself

4. Nominate up to 15 bloggers. Link them in your blog & let them know


Now – before I dispense of my info and my list of blogs – I just want to say a few things.  First of all – I know that several people I would have nominated were nominated along with me.  If you name is not here – it is because I already know you have been mentioned.  I truly did think of you.  For me – it is not fair to pick favorites – it is a task I like the least. However, I see this as an opportunity to share some blogs you might not have already seen. I am more than certain I will overlook someone – as I believe I’m already following probably ten times my limit for sharing here.  I want everyone to know – that if  you are not mentioned – it is important that you know:  I do not follow blogs that I don’t like.  Each and every blog that I follow is valuable to me.  If you name is not mentioned here – it is only a formality.  If I had more time and the ability to list everyone – I would.


7 Facts about Me


  1. I homeschool my children. It is a huge endeavor – but I am glad I do it. I grew up being mentored by some amazing people – just in everyday life – they taught me to love learning. I always knew I wanted to share that with my children and unfortunately my experiences in school weren’t as enlightening.
  2. I love to photograph – practically everything – but I hate to have my picture taken. No matter who takes my picture – they always seem to take it in the most unflattering ways. And no – I’m not going to go out and buy a selfie stick like everyone else  🙂  I’m just happy doing what I do.
  3. Most people that I see on a daily / weekly / monthly basis do not know that I write. Let’s just say that whenever it comes up in conversation – it isn’t taken seriously. Unless you have a book published – and are famous – just don’t go there. At least, that has been my experience.
  4. Most people don’t get me. I’m okay with that most of the time. It is hard though. It seems like most people don’t want to waste their time thinking (I’m not trying to be mean here). What I mean is – they are consumers and that’s it. They race after the latest sale – live life consuming and wanting for more. I love to get out in nature – I love to sit and watch my children laugh and play – I love to sit and just be still to listen to the voices in my head – and if I ever get the chance – I truly do wish I could change the world and make it a better place. In whatever small way I can find – I will do it to the best of my ability. I guess you just don’t have a lot of friends if you think that way.
  5. As I said before – I love to photograph everything. I have no fancy equipment – I have absolutely no training – and yet, for some reason I am drawn to it with a passion. I love to see the grass sway in the wind – the clouds gather before a storm – and I just want to remember it somehow – give it justice. With that being said – you cannot believe how hard it is to take pictures when your husband is begging for you to hurry up. I’m just in there *click* and out as fast as I can – hoping it turns out all right. I hope someday I can slow down a little while taking pictures – get a little more knowledge under my belt – and perhaps splurge on my fascinating hobby a little. It will not amount to anything – but I don’t care because I love it so! It brings me great joy.
  6. When I’m not chasing my other passions – I have really learned to love to Zentangle. It is a way to create beautiful images using repeating patterns (kind of like doodling). In school I never learned much about art – so I feel extremely lacking in this department. However, with Zentangle, I am able to produce some pretty nice images. Someday, perhaps, I would love to actually write my poems and zentangle around them as wall art (only for fun). I have done this for others as gifts – but haven’t done it much otherwise.
  7. Two – possibly three – of my children have Dyslexia. This has been difficult as I have always sought refuge in reading. One of my children hated reading and I never knew why – until she was diagnosed. It took me three years (before diagnosis) to convince her the wonders of the written word. It is rare – but she is Dyslexic and she loves to read. I couldn’t be happier. My youngest is 8 – and she is still learning how to read (her Dyslexia is severe). Sometimes I feel like I’ve failed her. We’ve been using a program for tutoring her to read and it just isn’t working out for us. We are going to get her tested again and use another program – I hate how long it has been taking – she has been making progress but it is just very slow. You cannot imagine how much she strives to do what others take for granted. Each letter she learns – each word she reads – she cherishes like you would not believe.


Blogs I Love

  • Dormis Aeternitas
    • This is a new blog for me. A great blog sharing beautiful photography and poetry.
  • Richard Ankers
    • Another blog with wonderful poetry. I have difficulty finding my favorite poems there.
  • Andrew Mark Watkins
    • Another poetry blog – poems that make you think.
  • Mundane Musings
    • I believe she is much younger than I am – but she has an old soul.  I love to read her poetry.
  • Shawn L. Bird
    • I love her poetry as well as her wit.
    • An excellent photography blog.  I wish I could take those photographs!
  • Beat, Measure, Rhyme
    • This is a newer blog for me to follow but I love her poetry.
  • bCL Photography
    • Another excellent photography blog.   Many amazingly beautiful photographs!
  • Chester Maynes
    • His style of poetry is different from mine and I truly love the way his words flow.
  • Poesy plus Polemics
    • Another thoughtful blog – full of poetry and wit.  I love it!
  • Writing Verse
    • Another new blog to me – but I so love her poetry!


I hope you enjoyed this post.  If you have read this far – CONGRATULATIONS!  When you get a chance – please check out these other blogs.  I truly find them worthwhile reading.






23 thoughts on “Recognition: The Versatile Blogger Award

        • I see that you are not alone. I’ve not been active in WordPress long to know much about it. I’m hoping they don’t come too often but I don’t mind sharing a glimpse of the real person behind the blog. Besides . . . I love being able to share some of my favorite blogs. If it gets too much – I won’t be able to continue as my time is quite limited as you can probably imagine.


          • When I started blogging, I enjoyed the awards–with each one, I did a post like an “awards ceremony” which included a buffet and celeb guest. Oh yes, it was crazy good fun–and then the novelty wore off and it was more work than fun, all the rules to name other blogs, answer questions, whatever. It’s much easier now, to not feel that responsibility–but I celebrate anyone who truly enjoys the awards, so I’m not “anti” blog awards for others.

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  1. loved knowing you a bit more SJ, you are right thinkers are different from other people, and they don’t fit in crowds, I read a quote as a child and instantly bonded to it, it roughly said that when I talk too much I feel like I am drunk and don’t know where to put my next foot, I too cant/don’t talk much unless my wavelength matches with the listener and…

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    • So glad I’m getting the chance to know you as well 😊 yeah . . . It can be tough sometimes being this way but at the same time I don’t want to be like everyone else. Usually I’m fine but every once in a while I think stupid thoughts and feel bad that I also don’t fit in. Usually the feeling goes away quickly 😃


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