Photography: Of Lakes & Sunsets (Part One)

The other night we walked around the lake around sunset.  It was a relaxing finish to a crazy day.  We took the kids earlier to an amusement park.  The kids loved it – me, not so much.  Do I really need a reminder that I’m getting old?!?  The kids raced from ride to ride – afraid of nothing.  They even went in things that went upside down (how do they do that?!?)  I get sick just thinking about it!  Even when I was younger – I was not so brave.  I remember living in one city for over 10 years and only bravely getting on the roller coaster the last visit we ever made.  Then – I wanted to ride it over and over again but it was too late!


So – if you ever see someone upload a video of some woman on an amusement ride – who is actually laughing and screaming (yes, It was scary) – but for some reason it sounds like she is crying and dying – it is probably me.  *guilty*   I rode “The Spider” with my youngest girl – and needless to say she can get scared (but didn’t bother to tell me beforehand).  She was so scared on the ride that she bit my arm!  So, yeah – I’m sticking with the excuse that I was “crying” because she bit me.  My other kids were disappointed in the ride because they thought their mom was dying!


Anyway – from the relaxing part of our day – I give you photos of the lake and the sunset.  Hope you enjoy.














And last – but definitely not least – a friend who decided to stop by and say hello during out walk:





6 thoughts on “Photography: Of Lakes & Sunsets (Part One)

    • I love to take pictures of many things but I truly love sunsets and reflections on water the most. There is something mesmerizing about them. Thank you very much for your kind words Gigi. You made my day 🙂


  1. I as well love sunsets and reflections on water…flowers also fall into my fave category(: I am glad to be able to make your day((-: You always make mine with your beautiful photos and wonderful poetry(-:


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