APED – Prompt 65: Return to Me

Well, I’m back from vacation and thought I’d start my week with this.  This poem was written for A Prompt Each Day, a daily dose of inspiration.  For today’s prompt – we were given one word (Return) to inspire our writing.   That’s not all – we are supposed to be brief – only writing in 55 words or under.  Don’t know how I did it – but the poem somehow stopped at exactly 55.  I hope you like it.  Oh, and excuse my recent use of ocean/beach/love imagery in any poems I might post.  A vacation can just do that to you 🙂


Return to me

just like a wave

come crashing fiercely

on my shore

let love and longing

ride the wind

for it shall guide you

to my door

your strong embrace

holds me near

and tries to lure me


return to me

just like a wave

and then, my dear

please leave no more.



© Sumyanna 2015


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