The World Through a Different View #3

Some more words of advice – for those who need them.  Hope you enjoy!  Oh, and I know the words may seem a little more harsh than usual.  I have come to know that there are still many that suffer at the hands of bullies – they have a hard time realizing their worth.  I have been hard-hit by this fact and hope to give them something to give them hope.  So many of today’s youth suffer from this – and then along comes depression and other harmful matters.  I wish we could do more to totally eradicate bullying – from everywhere it exists.

Every heartbeat testifies

that you are the only one

worthy of carrying it.

Don’t let the words and actions

of fools and liars

betray what is true.

© Sumyanna 2015


6 thoughts on “The World Through a Different View #3

  1. I’ve been searching for Dell Clover lately and can’t find her anywhere. She is getting better at hiding. If you happen to stop by – please let me know you are okay. You are in my thoughts. I miss you!


    • So glad you liked it Sharmishtha. I am sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. I used to do that on my phone but it is not letting me make comments – only likes. It is hard to get online but wanted you to know I am still here. Thank you so much – it means the world to me that you are still here even though things are quiet. You give me hope 🙂


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