APED: Prompt 75 – But She Stayed

This poem was written for A Prompt Each Day, a daily dose of inspiration.  For today’s prompt – we were given a word (beauty) to inspire our writing.  If truth be told – I do not always focus.  I read the prompt and went right to writing when my daughter told me – hey mom, it is supposed to be only 55 words.  Well, I wrote this poem first – and I like it – and I know it is well over the limit.  I thought I would share anyway.  I hope no one minds 🙂  To find the poem I wrote that met the prompt’s requirements, see Beauty.




She wrapped herself

In his beautiful lies

Every time he returned

She could see in his eyes

But she stayed.


But she ached in his absence

She was too afraid

And each time he left her

She cried and she prayed

But she stayed.


The more that she needed

The more he pushed away

Ashamed in her wanting

Her hope in decay

But she stayed.


Her wounds were accepted

She took them in fear

For all that he damaged

She wanted him near

And she stayed.


One day he came home

And he shattered her heart

Said he didn’t love her

Didn’t care from the start

And she stayed.


She sat there in sadness

Damaged – destroyed

For once her heart beating

Anger filled the void

And she stayed.


As days then came passing

The truth became clear

Surprised that his absence

No longer bred fear

And she stayed.


In time, she found beauty

Inside of herself

She learned she was wrong

To look anywhere else

And she stayed.


No longer wounded

She felt so alive

In honest devotion

Each day she did strive

There she stayed.


© Sumyanna 2015


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