Learning Disabilities Are Real, People

Having fun days at school so far.  Pulling your hair out is considered a fun pastime – somewhere – I am sure.

For those who do not know – my littlest gem – my beautiful little one has severe Dyslexia.  It has been such a struggle with her.  Starting a new school is hard enough – but made worse by teachers that simply do not understand.

It will get better.  I just know it.  But being a parent of a child with a learning disability is extremely hard on the parent.  Many just assume you haven’t done your job or you just aren’t trying hard enough.  The truth is – we bleed to give our children the very best – unfortunately this truth is often overlooked.

Something truly needs to be done to make people more aware of this Disability.  Teachers – schools – need to know more.  If they don’t – how can we ever hope to teach these kids?


13 thoughts on “Learning Disabilities Are Real, People

  1. Hang in there, I have slight dyslexia and my oldest son has articulation and reading disabilities. I took a class called Disability and Literature. Every student should be made to take a class like this.

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  2. It took years to understand that I’m dyslexic. It made my school life difficult because I was (am) a slow reader (letters appear mixed up sometimes but while reading my brain knows what I saw didn’t make sense so I’d have to reread).

    I’m aware my case is mild and other cases are extremely severe. But knowing what you’re up against makes it a little easier, but having teachers who are clueless simply makes for more frustration. So sorry you have such a dilemma but the strength you and your little one will develop as a result will be priceless.

    Keep fighting God knows and cares and will never leave you alone. Just call on Him.

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