So sorry . . .

Just wanted everyone to know that I am sorry I haven’t been around to comment on everyone’s posts.  Here’s the deal:


I have a wonderful phone – Lumia – that is also a horrible phone in a way 😦


Excellent – because it takes wonderful pictures – most of the ones on this blog are taken with this phone.  However, there are barely any apps for this phone and usually what is out there – is junk.  I “have” an app for WordPress – and I can read your posts but once I click into a post – it returns me back at the top of the list (again) and I have to scroll down to get back to where I was (if I can remember).  That is not the problem – I can overcome laziness – but lately the app has refused to let me write comments.  I click to add comments – write them all up and hit send and it erases my comment and requires me to start again.


I am not near a computer every day – so using my phone is the most effective way for me to comment – and this is killing me.  Come on, Microsoft!  Let’s get the show on the road!  I feel bad because I always feel that sharing and communicating are important – and right now all I can do is star people’s posts.  I will find a way to make this work – but didn’t want you to think I have forgotten you.  That is definitely NOT the case.  I miss you.




16 thoughts on “So sorry . . .

    • I still feel guilty. I actually enjoy reading what others write – a lot. Sometimes it gives me ideas – other times it gives me a nice view – and others it makes me think. I tried and tried to leave comments – and the darn phone just kept deleting them! Oh well, it will work out at some point. Miss you all, though 🙂


    • Yes – all my pictures are on my phone. I got a phone that does well with pictures – the Microsoft Lumia. Love the pictures – not so much the phone. The phone is good – but the apps are horrible. There is not a lot of hope because many apps on other phones refuse to make them for mine since there isn’t a large market there. Sad. Love the phone – and will keep it for the pictures 🙂


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