For all my fellow writers . . .

I strive to swim
in the ocean of your words
and ride it’s waves
toward the distant sun
I long to bask in the warmth
of the wisdom you share.

I desire to travel
the often stormy seas
of lives well-lived
pain and love that drips
vicariously from the page
and I choke in your despair.

You bare your soul
flailing – exposed – but dealt with care
and blood that courses through thy veins
pulses with the rhythm of crashing waves
and your words yet dance upon the page
in perfectly chosen rhythm and rhyme.

I seek them out in slumber
I grope for them in the dark of night
and wrap myself in their warmth
it is – of truth – they speak
and as you shared them with me
they are mine.

© Sumyanna 2015


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