Prompted #1

A Prompt Each Day is no more – at least, for now – I assume.  I miss it.


I don’t know about all writers – but I have found that I truly grow the more I write.  I often grow more from practice – but I also grow from writing what isn’t about me.  Instead – in my poetry – I try to tell a story.  I cannot thank A Prompt Each Day enough for that.  And, I hope that some day soon it will return.  Until then, I have decided to post a prompt a week.  I cannot specify which day because it all depends on my schedule (and life can be hectic).  However, I am dedicated to writing – and intend to continue to write.  So, I challenge all of you writers and poets – see what you can make of this.  Share it on your blog but please make sure you add a link here (or a pingback).  Feel free to use the prompt image:




I’d love to see what you come up with – it opens my eyes to see so many viewpoints available.  And please, if you share – at least look at one other person’s writing and let them know you stopped by.  If you have time – look at a few more.  You will be AMAZED at what people come up with.


Here is my response to Prompted #1:


I do not know

from where I’ve come

no footsteps here

that leave a trace

I’m lost – I wander

inside this shell

with only memories

of your face.


What life I’ve lived

is left behind

is now unseen

to hide my tears

And here I dwell

Where nothing matters

And bonds that hold

Are wrapped in fears.


No light to guide

No dreams to speak

I sit and ponder

But it’s too late

I look behind

Find nothing matters

I hid my past

Can’t find my fate.


© Sumyanna 2015


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