A Week for Writing – Prompt 81: Weakness and Hope


This piece was written for A Week for Writing, a daily dose of inspiration.  For today’s prompt – we were given a word (hope) to inspire our writing.  This is what I created.  I hope you like it 🙂


In one of my poems written recently, I mentioned that there is beauty in weakness. This is something I truly believe. However, one of my dear friends left a comment saying they felt there wasn’t beauty in all weakness. Seeing as the prompt for this week is HOPE – I feel that the two concepts are closely intertwined. So, I am actually going to write prose instead of poetry this time.

I know – I’m just full of surprises 🙂


From the original poem, I will merely share the following verse:


If only

Man could understand

And venture forth,

Although unplanned

And realize there’s beauty

In his weakness


I know that it is a common fact that most of us as human beings think of weakness as a bad thing. It is something to be avoided – it is something to be shunned – it is something to never share with other people. It is something we hide from. God forbid if we should ever seem weak or vulnerable! We are afraid of it. However, I truly believe that yes – there is beauty in weakness. In weakness – there is hope. When you think of a weak person you think of some shriveled up person who cannot lift a pound. However, there are actually many types of weaknesses. And yes – even for that shriveled up person – there is hope – and hence, beauty.


For me, change is something important. It is something to strive for every day your feet hit the ground after getting out of bed. It is essential for growth and it is essential for happiness. As a person – we do not know everything. We know our limits and those limits are our weakness. When we use that information – and here is the beauty – to grow and learn – then we have hope to be more than we were without that knowledge. This is not to say that some will not seek it – or that some will not use that knowledge in a bad way. What is beautiful is the opportunity for growth and change that is available to all of us.


I know that there are some people who may suffer from other weaknesses – perhaps drinking, being abusive and the like. I am not going to say that there is beauty in the actual weakness – but there is beauty in the fact that no matter how far you go – no matter how hard life can get for you – no matter how many mistakes you make – there is always the hope for change. In that hope – there is beauty. At some point – you can turn your life around and become a better person – to grow. This opportunity is available to everyone – as long as they take it. In that, I truly find beauty.


I have listened to inspirational videos and read books about people with insurmountable obstacles to overcome. Perhaps the death of a loved one, perhaps having to survive war, or perhaps to learn how to live without their sight, sound, or limbs. Whatever the obstacle – at first – they felt hopeless. They felt like the mountain they had to climb was too steep and they didn’t have the right gear, nor know how to climb. However – in their weakness – they found a way to discover a new way of doing things. They came up with solutions because they still had that dream – that hope. In their weakness – the beauty was that they could find hope. Their weakness led them to it.


We all have choices. We can allow whatever ails us to get us down – even keep us down – or we can choose a different path. I’m sure we all know someone who has obstacles that they just refuse to overcome. They wallow in self-pity. While another person may have the same exact obstacles but they choose to overcome them. They even often are able to do more than they had ever imagined – because they had hope. This is the beauty in weakness – the choice to be more. It is not to be perfect – it is not to keep from stumbling and falling – it is to strive to live and breathe life to your fullest and do the best you can. Every day you can reach a little higher. It does not matter if you are a parent – a CEO – a child. It does not matter. Every day. And yes – every weakness can lead you one step closer to hope.


© Sumyanna 2015



11 thoughts on “A Week for Writing – Prompt 81: Weakness and Hope

    • Thank you so much – I’ve tried and tried to leave comments on your page but always have trouble. I am sorry you don’t see more comments from me. I have been reading but my app for blogs does not work well at all.


  1. Brilliant, beautiful, amazing and inspiring!! How you find beauty and hope in weakness is simply superb, Sumyanna. It makes sense to me. In fact, whenever I was in a bad phase, I used to think that this is my chance to prove myself, to make it right. And you know, just by thinking that way it gave me the courage to face the messy situation. Once you face it, you will make your way out of it. 🙂


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