Castro’s Girls


Kidnapped in broad daylight

But no soul searched

Long enough

No one seemed

To know or care

Just left for dead

Or perhaps

Just left.

It didn’t matter

Her screams unheard.


Hands tied

Her tears wept

Uncaring face

Looks on

No care, no feelings

Just want and need

So full of greed

Her screams unheard

He takes what isn’t his

And walks away

And no one is the wiser.


His cruelty, unmatched

He found delight

In pain and tears

A braggart in his glory

That none would find

Or care to search

No one to hear her story.

He had no fear – no cares

Soon took others for the same

And now tears wept

Were not unheard, but shared.


Months and years

Lay shadows on their dreams

Beaten and broken.

Each day beckoned

More abuse

And their hearts

Became weary

But together, they refused despair

While others forgot

And looked askance

All they had was hope.


Finally a chance


Unsuspecting glances

Their screams finally heard

And bolted door now broken

And finally their first breaths

Of freedom taken

Yet in their hearts

They are still broken

Their past in chains.


In justice he was finally kept

Locked behind a bolted door

A prisoner to his lies

Yet each night as he lay and wept

He never felt that he was guilty.

In fear he tried to steal away

For punishment they tried to seek

And in his death, he did sneak

Afraid of judge and jury.


But in his bolted prison cell

With forlorn tears that fell unheard

And bed sheet tied about his neck

The souls of those chained long ago

Now with him

And as life slowly pulled away

They softly whispered in his ear

And vengeance played upon their lips

My dear, you may wish to run away


I hope you pulled the sheets real tight

Assured of your own glory

Fear the punishment

Go run and hide

Trapped in your own prison

And just before the final gasp

They whispered still . . .

But you shall pay.

And finally, there was silence.


© Sumyanna 2015




I assume most of you are aware of the kidnappings and escape of these poor girls. For some reason – today – I felt the need to cry for them in written form and to hope that someday they too shall heal.


7 thoughts on “Castro’s Girls

    • Thank you Himali. I was very saddened when it happened and I guess it hasn’t left me. I was just thinking about those women the other day and decided to write this poem for them. It is something that must be very difficult to overcome.


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