An Elegy for Trayvon Martin

An Elegy for Trayvon Martin


I have been wanting to write for him for such a long time now.  I was shocked by what happened – and it never left me.  Today, I finally found the words.


It was dark
Night loomed
And rain fell gently
As he walked in silence
Only his thoughts
To keep him company
But he walked on.
Lights gleamed
Behind him
Focused on his steps
They followed slowly
And his heart
Unsure of what it meant
Filled with worry and fear
But he walked on.
He plucks his cellphone
From his pocket
To call, perhaps
To calm his fears
His every step followed
And there’s nothing left but fear
But he must walk on.
The car door opens
And the man follows
Every step taken
He looms in the shadows
And what can this man expect
But fear even from innocent heart
For his looming presence stalks
Assured of his own conclusions
But Trayvon must walk on
For what else is left?
Footsteps quicken
And gun raised
It is too late
Nowhere to run
Alone in the dark
And afraid
He fights for his life
The thrash and bash
But it is not enough
He calls out in fear
But no one listens
And the one who follows
Certain of his own conclusions
Shoots at close range
And now there is nothing left
To run away from.
The duel complete
The man puts away his gun
And the young man
sprawled in the bloodstained grass
hides his only weapon
a bag of candy
snug in his pocket.
And somehow
The man has the freedom
To walk away
For justice
Is often blind.
I don’t care
The color of Trayvon’s skin
I don’t care
his past or present
I don’t care
his troubles
I care only
about the truth
How a man chased
And followed
With a gun
Despite being told
To stop
And a young man
Ran in fear
With nothing
To defend him
But a bag of skittles
Held tight in his pocket
And somehow
The man is now free
To walk the streets
Head held high
Assured and arrogant
But he shall never be free
For the truth shall haunt him.

© Sumyanna 2015

For those of you not familiar with the case, you can search for “Trayvon Martin” or “George Zimmerman.”


Photograph courtesy of Morguefile (HotBlack)


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