A Week for Writing – Prompt 84: I am Small

This piece was written for A Week for Writing, a daily dose of inspiration.  For today’s prompt – we were given a word – SMALL – to inspire our writing.  This is what I came up with.  I hope you enjoy it.



I am small

An ant that crawls

With quickened pace

The race, the chase

To get someplace

And all the heavy burdens

I carry them along with me.


I am small

I am a shadow

And though I may loom large

I am not in charge

I enlarge

Only at the whims

Of those that carry me along.


I am small – a man

Yet I think that I am large

In charge of everyone and everything

Not bothered by trivial feelings

I see not my limitations but barge right in

Discharge my orders freely

And care not where victims lay.


I am small – a man

Yet I walk strong upon the land

And tear and twist the earthen roots

No care for gentle mercy

Is not my aspiration – to rise?

No matter that I plunder, rape and despise

The wounded are not my worry.


I am small – a man

Yet with a gun in hand

I feel the power at my command

And I must rise and fight, no time for words

There is no glory in trying to understand

What more is there than rage and hate?

On my throne, I demand your bondage and oppression.


We are small

If truth be told

And in our lives we hold

The opportunity to be brazen beauty

But we refuse to care and when left in the cold

We wonder why and struggle to quickly pull the folds

Of the truth we wrapped so tightly – it cuts deep

And in our wounds we cry – why me?


Has man every truly understood

How small he really is?

When he looks out into the vastness of space

Does he refuse to see?

On mountain tops he builds his shrines

But has he ever bothered to take in the view?

Look outside – see – there is more than just our story

And however small we may be

Our impact can be our glory.


© Sumyanna 2015



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