Oregon Dreams Fading

Oregon Dreams Fading

Give hate a gun
no matter how uncertain the grasp
it shall clasp around the cold hard steel
and gladly pull the trigger
blood drips and dreams fade
and it means nothing
to those with empty heart
filled with hate
and all their rage
thrown out upon the world
bullets carry no prejudice
they only deliver the message
of jaded mind and hardened heart
and we are left with empty hands.

© Sumyanna 2015


Photograph: Courtesy of Morguefile


7 thoughts on “Oregon Dreams Fading

  1. The world is going mad. Killing kids for no known reasons. This year something went wrong. I believe we need more opportunity for the kids and growing up with the many active wars. Death had become part of life. When I was a child. Every night. The new at 11 pm would give a body count from Vietnam. I joined to go to Vietnam at 17 year old. We must change our world or the kids will learn the wrong things.

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