Don’t Bury Me

Written in memory of Fareed Shawky

He’s only six years old
Barely seen much of the world
Yet he lies there begging
“Don’t bury me”
Tears in his eyes
Pain we cannot comprehend
He is just a child
But he knows how this will end.
How many before him
Buried by this war
And how many yet after
And a child, only six
Knows the consequences of war
For now he is another casualty
And he cries
“Don’t bury me”
When will this ever end?
How many others
Must lose their lives
Cling to the last of hopes
Writhe in pain
And cry out in fear
“Don’t bury me”
When will we care?
While we live our lives
And kiss our children goodnight
And we assume those troubles
Are too far away to matter
We feel safe in those lies
But what if it were your child
And as you held his hand
He cried
“Don’t bury me”
And no one cared enough
To stop the pain
To stop this useless war
And all you could do
Was look into his eyes
And know
You could never
Keep your promise?
What then?

© Sumyanna 2015


#FareedShawky   #dontburyme

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