Barren Beauty

Rain clings and magnifies a world unseen

Branches hang in the wind, water kissed

Barren and naked, they shiver in the cold

We rarely stop to see them

For trees reveal their beauty most

When the branches are hidden

Beneath their glorious leaves

Shy beauty,

Worry not

I won’t tell all

What beauty lies within.


Poem © Sumyanna 2015

Picture © AAlmasy 2015 (my daughter)


5 thoughts on “Barren Beauty

  1. If people need to be told the beauty of a tree, with leaves looking fresh in the rain, or imagining it when it is without, I think that they are almost blind. 🙂 Beautiful poem and photograph. Though I think words on the photograph itself take away from the picture, because the eye drifts to the words, and ignore the drop somewhat!

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