No More Senseless Violence

I don’t know who you are

And I don’t really care

Your hidden agenda?

I hope it suffocates

The very breath

From your lips

What kind of soul

Rips the safety

Beneath our feet

Steals father from child

And wife from man

Careless, thoughtless acts

That reverberate deep

For fear has settled in our hearts

And hatred for those

You misrepresent.

Who are you

To stand in justice

And make us quake

Anxiety beats in our chests

For nothing we have done

No crime committed.

Your understanding

Of the world

Is frayed,

My friend

Corrupted by

The evil that exists within

And I’m done

With trying to understand

Insensible acts

Done by ignorant men

Racing toward invisible demons

Blind and furious

For no reason

Fighting those

Of innocent heart

No, not on battleground

But when their backs are turned

Unaware and unfazed

Until the resounding boom

And it is too late

What manner of man

Exists like this

Fueled by hate

For men he never knew

Who stands waving a flag

He himself does not understand

And somehow

He never realizes

The evil he is truly fighting

Sits at the very foot of his own soul

Instead of mending

His own blackened heart

Cultivating hope in his very chest

He brews seeds of hate

And blame is misplaced

Everything outside a threat

And he decides to take us

All down with him.


© Sumyanna 2015






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