Our Legacy

We watch our children grow

Reclined on the couch,

We steal glimpses

Of play and laughter

And we are thankful then

For the gifts we are given

And we all hope

To give them


Happy memories

Happy times

Happy thoughts

Happy future

We wish to give

These to them

For our love runs deep

And we hope

No sorrow touches them

May life be gentle

Upon their very hearts

May they overcome diversity

May no obstacles be too heavy

May they find love, acceptance

May they find peace

We wish

For these

For our love runs deep

And we hope

No sorrow touches them

But, often we forget

We are not alone

No man an island

And as parents

We all stand

Wishing and hoping

All the same

And at some time,

Weary passengers,

We all shall leave

What we reap and sow

. . . to them.

How then,

Shall they know

How to deal with hate

And indifference.

No, not lessons learned

Upon our knee

For most of us

Those words

Never spoken

But in action,

Our very lives

Say different things.

And our children, silent

Young and unwise

Become its benefactors

How can we, wise old fools

Hope to ever blame others

For that which dwells

In their own hearts

When it is in us as well?

It too resides

Amongst our blood and veins

And in anger, we turn

Indifferent stare

And we forget

Our children

Witness everything.


© Sumyanna 2015



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