Seduce Me With Your Words

Seduce me with your words
your gilded tongue delight me
they play upon my heart
and I am ill equipped to fight thee
If only I could look, could see
from what depths your beauty speaks
like a child, mild and meek
I’d let your words lull me to sleep
and dream you write just for me.

© Sumyanna 2015


8 thoughts on “Seduce Me With Your Words

      • You’re welcome. 🙂 Going through some drama in real-life unfortunately (divorce…child custody…ugh), so haven’t been on as often. Legally there are also certain subject which it’s inadvisable for me to write about currently, which makes things a touch trickier.

        Think there’s a few new poems on my site since you last checked it out though. Hope you like some of them.

        Have some good news in real-life also. Fallen in love with a woman named Phoebe who is now living with me, so swings & roundabouts I guess. How’ve you been?

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        • Oh, I know it is hard to write sometimes without life touching you – and hard times are one of them. So sorry to hear that. You disappeared and I thought perhaps you stopped writing all together. I will check them out (your poems) – I looked to see if there were any but didn’t have a chance to read them yet 🙂 Oh, that is wonderful! So glad to see things (while hard) are looking up for you. I have been doing well. Stepped away from the blog but feel that I prefer this home for me. Been working on writing kid’s stuff as well – poetry and stories. I am branching out it seems 🙂

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          • Would love to read your kid’s stuff sometime. 🙂 What age are you targeting with it? Could test it out on my daughter when I get her back.

            Once I’ve written enough poems I’m satisfied with & published a book of them, my next project is a children’s book.

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            That’s my profile on a website called StoryBird. I’ve been trying out my words for children’s books – both poetry and stories. The cat story is really cute (but I guess I am biased). 🙂 Oh, I can’t wait to see that. I know your daughter can’t help but influence you. I’m targeting different ages – I have some picture books and some poetry books and everything in between. I just got started about a month or so ago – so I’m still learning.


          • Cool. Will check that site out. When things have settled down for me more, odds are I’ll setup a profile there also.

            There’s a rough version of one of the rhyming stories for children I’m working on on my Writer’s Site (Weeping Willow & the Wood Witch). Will try & find the link for you.

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