Hope – The Light that Lives Within

No matter
The dusty trails
That lay beneath my feet
Or the truths
Of whispered pain
That haunts me still
I found the light
That lives deep within
And nothing
– No one
Can take that
Away from me
Not the hands of fate
Nor the unending
Spin of time
Shall beat
Upon my brow
For though I
Am different
– think differently
I feel peace inside
No – life has
Taught me this
In silent whisper
Of hand slap
On reddened cheek
And words used
To beat down the soul
But I – I listened
To words not spoken
I read between the lines
And I – I grew
I grew
In the knowledge
Dripping of sweat and fear
That the only way to live
Was to be the very thing
That they tried to steal
From me –

© Sumyanna 2015

* Image found on Morguefile (courtesy of hotblack)


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