You Shall Shine

A wise man once sat next to me
he saw the sadness in my eyes
his heart smiled a radiant smile
and he placed next to me
a cup, with which to measure.
My eyes questioned,
I begged for meaning
and he spoke these truths:
Whatever your sorrow may be
he said, with gentle smile
know that no one can ever measure
the weight of your heart
nor the value of your soul
no, this tool is useless
to measure all that you are
so when men try to measure
no matter the instrument
know, my dear child
their efforts are impotent
and their tools are weak.
Wake up each day
and smile for another chance
rise and know that someday
perhaps today or tomorrow
and no one can take that away from you.

© Sumyanna 2015

*Image courtesy of Morguefile (jdurham)


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