Sadness Behind the Smile (for Robin Williams)

There is sadness
In laughter
Lips pulled back
A slight guffaw
No, the action normally
Does not depict sadness
But heavy hearts
Have often hid
Behind the laughter
Drowning in smiles
While the pain
Like paint peeling
From walls
Torn and real
But hidden
Behind smiles
This burden heavy
Upon his back
Yes – smile,
Smile upon the world
And have everyone
Smile with you
But inside,
Your heart constricts,
Crouching in fetal position
And you wish to die
So sad to think
How much you suffered
Behind that smile
And no one understood
We laughed –
That sparkle in your eyes
And we smiled
And each time
A part of you cried
And no one ever realized
The sadness in your eyes
No, not a sparkle –
But a silent tear.

© Sumyanna 2015


* Poem written in memory of Robin Williams

* Photo courtesy of Morguefile (hotblack)


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