She, A Poem

She loved to walk just after the rain
and though sometimes,
life can be filled with pain –
like the rain,
it washes away in time.
She smiled when she saw sunsets
and though some days
seemed long and dark
she knew that soon again
the sun shall rise and fall
with all its beauty
so she shall not complain
but spend her days
reaching for the rays of rising sun
bask in the warmth of its glory
and heal the wounds
that once betrayed
her believing face
and her evenings, she spends
dancing in the dazzling display
of sun’s final curtsy
muted pinks and violet
rush across the sky
out of artist’s reach
though they must try
And then, the final curtain closes
night sky comes to life
a dazzling display
a serenade of light
beauty – way beyond
her understanding
but just enough shared
to inspire dreams.

© Sumyanna 2016


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