In The City, My Heart Will Desire to Go Home

Oftentimes, I hate the city
the hustle and bustle
where no one dares
to meet your eye
and hello is met
with painful silence
and you ache –
to connect
but nothing tethers
to your soul
no one is willing
and while all the world
seems to berate you
with inescapable truths
we don’t need you
we need no one –
sometimes you ache
in your own need.
But other times,
you find yourself
admiring its beauty
the little things –
the symphony
of car horns
and hastened conversations
down crowded streets
the flashes of color
against the skyline
moving billboards
television screens
and technicolor dreams.
Yes, sometimes
there can be romance here
where awe sets in –
the accomplishments of man
this is their testament,
but sooner or later
my heart will yearn
to return to the land –
where the clouds
stretch across the sky
beautifully painted streaks
of periwinkle, slate gray
where birdsong fills the ears
here, I find solace –
where silence never was so sweet
and crickets romance the heart
with moonlight hymn
Where each night, the sun
slowly melts into the horizon
faded pastel rose and azure skies
where frogs provide the harmony
for nature’s song
as they hide behind cattails
and moonlight streaks
across the shadows of the pond.
I love the city – sometimes,
but only for a visit
a meander through
something different
I am a spectator of sorts
but sooner or later –
my heart will desire
to find its way home.

© Sumyanna 2016


Image courtesy of Morguefile (butkovicdub)


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