The Desert of My Thoughts, a Poem

There is a stain
upon my heart
and the rain
won’t wash it away
with dry, parched lips
I rise and wither
against the backdrop
of dark, grey sky
but the water lingers
in protest
Upon those gray laced clouds
they refuse to lay
upon my landscape
yet I beg
yet I beg
fill me up –
swallow me whole
drown me in your nurturing drops
for I have lost my way
and I have lost my peace
and I linger here,
in the desert of my heart
as sands of disillusion
fall beneath my feet
the winds blow mightily
and I cannot see
for a wall has been raised
and a canyon carved
miles and miles
my soul has searched
my legs ache
my heart sears
with lonely thoughts
I am alone
And nothing
Shares this landscape
Save the dead earth
And the bleached skulls
Of yesterday’s torments
I continue on,
In search of rain.

© Sumyanna 2016


Image courtesy of Morguefile (Maxime)


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