Lament of Homeless Mother, A Poem

Poor mother
Hugs her child closely
Baby’s head lays on her chest
His breath falls gently on her neck
And mother winces
In recognition of her situation
They stand in the cold
No blanket to protect him
She cuddles to bring him warmth
And she begs for mercy
From passersby
Hand outstretched.
Her other son, still young
Hides behind her skirt
Shy and pained
Perhaps ashamed
For Daddy left them
Not long ago
And they have to fend
For themselves
Mother’s skirt in tatters
Like the depths of her heart
And her eyes shelter tears
She holds them back
Struggles to stand tall
But inside she cries
Where no one sees
And she holds out her hand
Begging for mercy
From passersby
And they look on –
As if problems don’t exist
When we look past them.
It takes all her courage
To stand there
Holding what she cherishes most
For all the world to see
She feigns a smile
And speaks to her children of hope
She tries to weave them dreams
But inside she dies,
Every time she holds out
her hand.

© Sumyanna 2016


Image courtesy of Morguefile (rajeshkrishnan)


2 thoughts on “Lament of Homeless Mother, A Poem

    • Yes it is. Fortunately, it was only written for an image prompt. However, it is a truth for many even if we do not see it. I find it difficult to see people in such situations. Others only look away assuming it is their own fault. We only seem to understand when we are its victim, sadly. Thank you for your wonderful comment balroop2013

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