Not a Racist, A Poem

Go ahead –
find comfort in drawing
lines across the sand
this is yours
and this is mine
and you are yours
and I am mine
and this is the way
it has to be
because I refuse to
feel community
no, I find comfort
in pushing away
everything that is different
that speaks in foreign tongue
so I push
and I push
and I push
and I squeeze deeper
into my own kingdom
assured that I am king
and no, you are not alone
there’s many more
that crawl in the weeds
waiting to strangle
the life from earth’s garden
and there’s more hate in this world
to fill the oceans and seas
but know, dear sir and madam
that we’ve not given up yet
and we still stand united
for while you are busy
drawing lines in the sand
we hold strong together
holding each other’s hand.

(c) Sumyanna 2016


Image courtesy of Morguefile (pippalou)


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