Some Day All Our Doing Will Be Undone, A Poem

I have to apologize
for those who may not know
but passion courses through my veins
and despite my genteel smile
I would be willing
to die with the best of them
so yes, my words rage –
no less than the fires in my heart
for it matters not,
that we are not one and the same
nor that distance may keep us apart
and nothing – will ever stop
the words that I speak
for nothing shall prove me wrong
these truths emblazoned on my heart
and they were woven since time began
nothing can separate this beautiful tapestry of life
save the indifference of my fellow man.
NO MATTER that they look away
NO MATTER all the words they say
NO MATTER all the hate they breed
for this world – truly has no need
for any more words of hate and greed
Just know our history speaks truths
that you will never understand
from the very moment woman and man
first dwelled upon the land
and all the moments in between
truth has struggled, never timid
and though some may say
they speak the truth
just know real truth speaks not meekly
some day it shall find you the fool
and when all is said and done
one day sleep shall find us
and all our doing will be undone.

(c) Sumyanna 2016


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