Such Violence Must Be Stopped, A Poem

Such horrific crimes against humanity should stand as a lesson to us all.  Today, too many children are struggling through wars they did not start.  Too many children a finding death and destruction their greatest teachers in this world.  Let’s not repeat the same mistakes.  All of humanity must cry for every injustice, or what is the point in having a voice?


We are the survivors
and somehow, I can’t help
but feel guilty,
for others-
have suffered greatly
at the hands of men
in manners unfit
for anyone
and all for the crime
of identity.
No matter the color of skin
tribe, caste, or religion
someone is always
in command
and someone
is always underfoot
and all too often –
we hear not their struggle
or perhaps we don’t understand
the gravity of their situation
for had it been
our own kin
you would have heard
our thunderous cries
shake the earth beneath us
we would have fought for change
welts upon our backs
nothing left but skin and bones
our shame tattooed upon our skin
but you would have heard us cry
and cry – they have
and over
and over again
till the clouds threatened
to shower down rain
from the weight of all their tears
but still, we do not listen.
Here, mothers smile –
fathers smile –
children play in the streets –
and in other places
mothers lay dead in a pile of rubble
fathers are killed in the streets buying food
and shoeless children,
bellies distended in hunger
find their only entertainment
playing in a field of landmines.
Little are they aware the danger
for there is no one to tell them
but here,
mothers smile –
fathers smile –
children play in the streets –
Little are we aware the danger
for when young children grow
only knowing hatred and anger
death and loss
what will become of them
and how will it affect us?
By then, it will be too late to care.

© Sumyanna 2016


Image courtesy of Morguefile (wintersixfour)


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