I Have a New Blog

I have been working hard this year on my writing, but I know I haven’t been as present as I need to be on my blog.  Sorry.  Life is a work in progress.  So, when I started out here – I was working mostly on children’s poetry.  Over time, I have developed to write in a completely different style and I also love focusing my energy on photography and sometimes (gasp) art when the need arises.


So, I started this blog specifically to share my children’s poems and then outgrew my image (at least in my own mind).  I still write children’s stories and poems, but I find that most people follow me for what I spend most of my time doing – the photography and adult poetry (do not read XXX into this, okay?) I did not know what specifically to call it 🙂  If that’s what you were looking for, you’ve definitely come to the wrong place…


Anyway – with growth comes change.  I have decided to move the works I currently have been working on to my new blog:


Sumyanna Writes 


If you have enjoyed what I share here, please feel free to join me there.  You will find what I have here, and lots more on that blog.  I intend to share both my photography and poetry.  I have been writing quite a lot this year, but have not had the opportunity to post them on my blog.  I am hoping this will change.  As life gets busier, it is nice to know I can keep everything in one place.  I truly would appreciate your support.


I am not intending to go completely away from this blog – but hope to use it to promote my writing for children more on this site.  I hope you don’t mind the changes or the dust as I try to fix things up.  I am completely dedicated to this blog but just have felt (more and more over time) that my focus was not the perfect fit for this blog.


Thank your for your kindness and support.  I hope to see you on the new blog.  Either way, I have truly enjoyed this journey with you and hope it may continue.  I am hoping to make this new blog (and this old one as well) sing more than it has in the past.


~ Sumyanna




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